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Post Production – Video Editing

Callander Public Library

Telling Our Stories with Lisa


Post Production – Video Editing

North Bay Recovery Home

Promotional Video


Post Production – Video Editing

Post Your Sign

Gallery Promotional Video



iOS 10 Development – AIR SDK

Voice Recognition Probing Numbers iOS 10 App

iOS 10 Dental app





iOS 10 Development – AIR SDK

Math 4 Kidz 2

New “Math 4 Kidz 2” app is the follow up from “Math 4 Kidz” that everyone learned to love. This app is interactive, educational and made for kids of all ages in elementary schools. Making learning easy and fun.

Now learning Math is as easy as using this app for your kids without always having to teach them.

*New upgraded features*
-basketball lives
-shooting basketball in net

Do you think you have the math skills to have the highest time without losing your basketball lives?




iOS 10 Development – AIR SDK


New addictive animal quiz game with a twist. Determine the myths true from false without risking being game over. Very interactive with a new shake feature.

*New quizzes to come with updates*



Web Development – HTML5 / CSS3

Dudley Installations

Promotional Website


Graphic Design – Professional

Various Professional Graphics

Promotional Graphics

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