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Cedric Deschenes (left) – Picture taken at Gatineau, Quebec, Canada

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Cedric Deschenes was born and raised in North Bay, ON. He is a very family oriented individual. He graduated from high school in 2004 from Franco-Cité in Sturgeon Falls, ON. He freelanced with his passion for video editing for over 10 years in the Nipissing area. In 2010 he graduated from ICS Canada in Computer Graphic Artist. In 2011 he continued his studies at the post graduate level at Canadore in Mobile Application Development and graduated in 2012. In both 2013 and 2014 he later graduated from ICS Canada in the Web Page Designer and Desktop Publishing and Design Programs. He then worked hard on his portfolio and found a job as a Communication and Education Facilitator at the North Bay Recovery Home where he worked for a year. He is now an independent developer where he continues to work in his passion.

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Cedric Deschenes

Founder & CEO

Awards and Recognition

He has been recognized by Blackberry in Waterloo, ON and was invited to speak for Blackberry at the Blackberry Summit in the spring of 2013. He has also been recognized by the North Bay Nugget for his bilingual cross platform Math 4 Kidz app. He has been recognized twice by best free apps for kids both in January 2013 and February 2013. In the spring of 2013 he was regognized by Yes Employment for the Yes Training Trust Fund award. He has also been recognized by Canadore College graduating at the top of his classes. Cedric is bilingual, qualified and experienced as a Communication and Education Facilitator, Project Manager, Social Media Strategy Developer, Mobile Application Developer, Web Developer, Graphic Designer, Video Editor and Inspiring Film Maker.

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